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Keeping your smart devices safe is as important as locking your front door. Read on to discover how to secure your home tech with Smart Security

By Virgin Media

Running a household has never been easier. From controlling your home’s heating and security systems to entertainment centres like smart TV and gaming consoles, all you need is a reliable and secured internet connection to keep everything in tip-top shape. In fact, many smart home systems help save energy and money.   


However, introducing any technology into your home can come with security risks. Like smartphones, some of these devices share their location, which in turn can allow other devices within the same local network to find them. Hackers can use these devices to gain access to other data-rich devices on your network, under the guise of a trusted lightbulb, Smart TV or thermostat. 


Not only that, smart home devices can also be vulnerable to cyber-attacks because unlike devices such as phones and laptops, many of them don’t have their own operating systems where security software would be installed – or, more importantly, they may have out-of-date firmware. 


That’s why we’re here to help. Smart Security is our latest cyber-protection program. Working alongside Virgin Media’s Web Safe (standard on all Virgin Media broadband packages), Smart Security helps bring multi-layer protection to smart devices in your household.


The best part? It’s free to Virgin Media broadband customers with Hub 5 – all you need to do is opt in via the Connect app. Once it’s activated, you can easily monitor prevented threats and learn more about them through your dashboard on the app. Read on to find out how to outsmart cyber-criminals and increase your home’s digital wellbeing.


How does Smart Security work?

Smart Security remotely activates software on your Hub that blocks known cyber-attacks before they get a chance to take hold. It’s safe, secure and gives network-level protection to any connected devices. How? By actively fighting off external threats such as ransomware, data stealing or remote control of your devices. Smart Security monitors your devices’ behaviour for any abnormal activity and instantly intervenes and alerts you via the dashboard.


What are the benefits of Smart Security?

Smart Security is made to help protect your smart devices, giving you peace of mind in your own home – even when you’re not there. Not only that, but Smart Security also…


  • Adds another layer of protection at no extra charge.
  • Gives both network and browsing protection.
  • Activates easily in the Connect app at the click of a button – no personal details to fill in or extra software to download.


How do I set it up?

If you’re a Hub 5 customer then all you need to do is download the Virgin Media Connect app and go into the Home tab to activate the Smart Security feature while connected to your Virgin Media WiFi. As soon as you tap “activate” it’s live and ready to start protecting your home and smart devices.


Through the dashboard you can monitor your security, and you’ll even be able to see what nasty threats have been blocked. It won’t slow down your devices and it works seamlessly alongside any existing security products. If you’ve activated Smart Security and you’ve changed your mind, then you can disable the feature easily by clicking the settings icon in the top left corner of your Home tab.


Smart Security is currently being trialled with our Hub 5 customers, with plans to expand to other hub types. There is a limit on the number of trialists we can share Smart Security with, so make sure you’re quick to activate the feature once you see it on the Connect app’s Home screen. 


What else can I do to keep my smart home devices safe?

There’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to cybersecurity. There are other measures besides Smart Security that you can put in place to help your home stay secure. 


Read on for our actionable tips that will protect your privacy and personal data, so you can enjoy all the perks that smart home technology has to offer with peace of mind.


Secure your WiFi network

The first thing to do is secure your home WiFi network with a strong password. All Virgin Media Hubs (as well as most routers) have a unique passphrase that you’ll need to access your network. Changing this passphrase regularly will help deter cyber-criminals.  


Passphrases should include at least 12 characters with a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, symbols and numbers. The simplest way to change your password? Via the Connect app, of course – just select “WiFi Networks” from the menu in the Broadband tab.


Manage separate account passwords

Many smart home devices are controlled through an app installed on your phone and you’ll need to create an account for each one. While it’s convenient to use the same password across these accounts, it’s also a security nightmare because it means hackers have the potential to access multiple devices at once.


Instead, use a different password for each smart home gadget app. Random password generators are great for creating hard-to-guess codes, while password managers help remember everything for you.


Enable two-factor authentication

Where possible, a lot of online accounts and apps will encourage users to set up two-factor authentication (or multi-factor authentication). This is a second layer of security that becomes available to most users after creating a password.


Once set up, it means that when you sign in to your accounts, you’ll need to enter both a password and a second piece of information – most commonly a one-time code in the form of a text or email. Using two-factor authentication is a useful tool for deterring cyber-criminals because a password alone won’t be enough to access your tech.


Keep your apps updated

It’s important to keep your smart home apps up to date because outdated software allows hackers to find vulnerable areas. Regular updates add security features, eliminate bugs and enhance device performance, all while keeping your smart home gadgets safe and secure.


You can even enable automatic updates to keep everything ticking while you focus on more important things. To do this on an Apple or Android device, just go to the relevant app store and turn on App Updates.


How to download the Connect app

Installing our Connect app is easy. You can download it straight to your smartphone for free and it has even more benefits beyond Smart Security. From managing the WiFi connection to individual devices around the house and speeding up your connection to running a super-intelligent WiFi home scan, find out everything that’s available at your fingertips here.


Download the free Connect app for Apple devices

Download the free Connect app for Android devices


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Terms & Conditions

Virgin Media Connect app: Virgin Media broadband customers only. Requires iOS 9 or later and Android 5 or later. Set-up requires My Virgin Media account details plus internet connection. It is not always possible to guarantee that we will be able to offer this app on every device, platform and operating system version or variant. 

Virgin Media Smart Security: Optional add-on security feature for eligible Virgin Media Connect app users. Service provided on trial invitation only basis to limited number of Virgin Media broadband customers who have a Hub 5. Service protects devices connected to your in-home WiFi network from various known cyber attacks. It does not protect devices which are not connected to your in-home WiFi network. Service helps detect and block suspicious activity, but nothing can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft. Terms and conditions apply. Find more information here.