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What to watch in Ultra HD this February

What to watch in Ultra HD this February


Treat your eyes to some top-notch documentaries and drama this month. Here are the highlights on Virgin TV’s dedicated 4K Ultra HD entertainment channel

By Virgin TV Edit

A great documentary can be seriously eye-opening. And if there’s one thing that can make it even more eye-opening, it’s seeing it in super-sharp, crystal-clear ultra high definition. This superb TV technology allows you to get closer than ever before to the subjects, to see every blade of grass, every feather, every twitch of the eye. Whether you’re soaring over mountains, visiting ages past or up close and personal with the planet’s most fascinating people, ultra HD will embed the pixel-perfect images in your mind.


There’s a fantastic array of documentaries on the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel (CH 175/999) this February, all ready to be enjoyed in superlative ultra high definition. From Ancient Egypt to the wilds of Spain to the majestic mountains of China, you’ll be absolutely engrossed. We’ve picked out the highlights, but that’s not all – the Ultra HD channel’s schedule is packed with more comedy and drama series too, as well as some ace movies.


You can get the absolute best picture quality of any TV channel in the UK on Virgin TV Ultra HD, watching superb drama series, films, documentaries and more in stunning, pixel-perfect UHD. And with Virgin TV 360, you can enjoy Virgin TV Ultra HD around the home thanks to our incredible multiroom experience.


But that’s not where the UHD fun stops: there’s even more great 4K entertainment to watch with Virgin TV, including hundreds of new box sets and movies from Sky and crystal-clear sport on TNT Sports Ultimate.


If you’re not yet enjoying shows in UHD and you want to, you’ll need to be a Full House TV customer with a compatible television and a Virgin TV V6 box, powered by TiVo®. Don’t have an Ultra HD or 4K telly? No problem. Virgin Full House TV customers can still watch the channel through an HD set with a Virgin TV V6 box, powered by TiVo®. Simply press the up button on the EPG and start watching.


Ready for a month of great telly like you’ve never seen before? Then read on to discover some of the ultra HD highlights coming up on Virgin TV.


Survival Of The Species With Ben Fogle

Wednesdays from 31 January, 8.10pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 175/999)

Who needs to fork out for a safari holiday when Ben Fogle is on hand to whisk us away on an incredible 4K adventure? We’re getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most incredible animals in this spectacular conservation series. Over 10 episodes Fogle, zoologists and wildlife experts travel across Africa to explore the key issues and threats faced by the creatures that call it home, including disease, deforestation and poachers.


Isles Of The Queen

Weeknights from Monday 29 January, 7.20pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 175/999)

The islands off the coast of mainland Britain are the subjects of this documentary series, which begins with a dazzling trip to Shetland. Marvel at the beauty of the landscape, discover its unique traditions and fascinating history, and start making plans for your next UK getaway. From the Isle of Man to Jersey and the Outer Hebrides, you can witness the majesty of His Majesty’s British islands from above. The incredible vantage points on display are made even more beautiful in UHD, and the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel is showing both five-episode series this month.


Top Ten Treasures Of Egypt

Thursdays from 1 February, 8.10pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 175/999)

Historian Bettany Hughes – sister of cricketer and commentator Simon, fact fans – takes viewers on a tour of the wondrous artefacts unearthed in Egypt and explores what they tell us about this ancient civilisation. In this two-part series, Hughes travels from the Mediterranean coast to Lake Nasser in the south, showcasing the country’s variety and beauty in an eye-opening trip along the Nile, and meets experts and Egyptologists who shine a new light on some amazing treasures.


Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

Friday 2 February, 9pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 175/999)

The existence of life beyond that found on planet Earth is a hot news topic today, with seemingly credible whistleblowers vying to be heard among a din of conspiracy theorists and outright denials. Steven Greer, who has created the “worldwide disclosure” movement aimed at uncovering the truth about alien visitation, is at the centre of this film featuring testimony from people who claim to have seen UFOs, archive footage of the unexplained and clips of alleged sightings.


Above Top Secret: The Technology Behind Disclosure

Friday 9 February, 9pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 175/999)

In another instalment of Steven Greer’s search for the facts behind alien abduction stories and UFO sightings, Above Top Secret asks whether the mainstream media and politicians have covered up extraterrestrial activity and suppressed technology that could make contact with aliens. Greer talks to aerospace historians and a retired FBI agent who believe the authorities know more than they’re letting on – particularly about technology. Watch and make your own mind up.


The Last Blockbuster

Friday 16 February, 9pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 175/999)

Anyone born in the 90s or earlier is likely to have memories – however hazy – of visiting the video shop on a Friday night, where you’d agonise over picking a film to watch that weekend before finding someone had already rented it. Blockbuster was the big daddy of the international video store chains before its slow demise (cause of death: the internet), but one outlet survives to this day in Bend, Oregon. Take an ultra HD trip to the store in this sweet, nostalgic documentary, which examines the factors that pushed Blockbuster to the brink of extinction and shows how the Bend store is keeping the spirit of the video shop alive.


Finding Kim

Friday 23 February, 9pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 175/999)

This empathetic documentary follows 50-year-old Kim as he transitions to a man, having spent his whole life being perceived as female. From surgical procedures to the moment he tells his family, filmmakers Aaron Bear and Gabriel Bienczycki stick with Kim through it all, capturing his poignant journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. Insight and advice come from influential LGBTQ+ figures including Buck Angel, Carmen Carrera and Dan Savage.


Nanling Mountains

Monday 26 February, 8.10pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 175/999)

Southern China’s Nanling mountain range is home to some of the rarest and most bizarre species of bird, found nowhere else in the world. This two-part series explores the intricate relationship between the mountains’ feathery inhabitants and the subtropical climate, highlighting the birds’ unique courting and parenting rituals in the world of birds, and also examines their everyday struggle to survive.


The Peninsula: Iberia’s Wild Tales

Tuesdays from 27 February, 8.10pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 175/999)

Within the Iberian peninsula (made up of Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Gibraltar) you can find alpine environments, desert regions, deciduous forests, a huge cork oak forest, dune systems, rugged cliffs, lagoons and deltas, and they’re all full of fascinating creatures of all sizes. This series brings tales of survival from  a variety of species, which viewers join at crucial moments of their lives. Each of the three episodes will concentrate on a specific type of landscape: the Mediterranean forest, the highlands, and the coast.


On Becoming A God In Central Florida

Thursdays from 29 February, 9pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 175/999)

This critically acclaimed, blackly comic satire on capitalism shows the dark side of the American Dream. Travis Stubbs (Alexander Skarsgård, Big Little Lies) is a Florida insurance salesman who peddles something called Founders American Merchandise on the side. When he dies in a freak alligator incident, his widow Krystal (Kirsten Dunst, The Power Of The Dog) finds he has left her heavily in debt and she has no choice but to take over his pyramid-scheme hustle. Is there a way out for her?


How to access the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel

You’ll find all the details explaining what you need here. Then simply press the up button on the EPG to easily access Virgin TV Ultra HD. Don’t have a 4K TV? Never fear, because you can also watch the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel through your HD TV. Lucky you!

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